Only 2% of our species is programmed to be an entrepreneur - says a study.

Buckle up all you creative geniuses craving for leadership, risk taking, resilience and with a passion for success, to join that heady and esoteric club of go-getters!

Starting-up is a life altering experience - a learning that will stand you out from the crowd. Here at moolya, we are attempting at making this journey of yours an exhilarating experience as you plan your success. moolya is the world’s first digital startup ecosystemTM (patent pending) where ideators, startups, investors, companies, service providers and institutions can collaborate, synergize and prosper together.

We believe your value is enhanced, when startup services are discovered, rendered and consumed in an efficient manner on our digital ecosystem, where all stakeholders converge and engage to consume and render services. With many unique offerings like ideahubTM, naripreneurTM, valuengineTM, ideavalidateTM, startanalyticsTM, fundshopTM, smesutraTM and startupbasketTM, team moolya is prepared to help you realize your vision and mission and offer support in your entrepreneurial journey.

We look forward to engaging with all stakeholders on moolya.
Peter drucker said “the best way to predict the future, is to create it”. So let’s get started!

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