As our first gurus and teachers, women are natural born leaders. With a sense of intuition and emotional intelligence, it gives them a headstart when it comes to conceptualizing and running a business.

moolya's 'NaripreneurTM' club is committed to promoting this facet of a woman, empower her to reach her full potential, partner as she prospers, support her with starting and growing businesses and rekindle economic expansion.

The NaripreneurTM sub-chapter on moolya offers:

With all data and metrics pointing to women owned and led businesses dominating the entrepreneurship demographics in the next 5 years, India is poised to be largest hub of women entrepreneurs. moolya is gearing up to be of all assistance to cater to the rising aspirations of women leaders.

Register on moolya with NaripreneurTM to learn how to break free from the traditional, gender-specific roles and venture into the business world of global possibilities.

So ladies, join us and see where it takes you!