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1. 3 Golden Rules For Time Management Which Will Help The Busy Entrepreneur

Do you feel overwhelmed with tasks sometimes, and wish that this vicious cycle ends? Are you avoiding spending time with your family, or eating because you feel that these are ‘inconveniences’? Every night, when you go to sleep (rather reluctantly), do you feel that nothing was accomplished?
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2. Mistakes Millennial Entrepreneurs Need To Accept

One of the trends that are taking over entrepreneurial community is “Millennial Entrepreneurs”. The term ‘millennial’ primarily refers to people who were born between 1981 and 2001, one could further classify the Millennials as Generation Y and Generation Z.
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3. Importance Of Branding And Why Startups Must Incorporate It

While most companies fail to understand the importance of branding, some choose to ignore it considering the cost that is attached to it. In today’s age, branding has evolved to be much beyond having a logo, slogan, font style and images.
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4. 5 social media marketing tips to help you achieve your ‘A’ Game

It took almost 75 years for the telephone to reach 50 million users, Radio hit the target in 38 years, Television took a little over 13 years, the Internet reached the milestone only in 4 years and Facebook took a little less than 2 years
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5. The Networking Guide For The Introvert Entrepreneur

If you are an introvert and an entrepreneur, then this may sound like a torture for you: Attending a networking event. On the other hand, if you are a flamboyant extrovert, then attending such events is something which you look forward to.
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6. Startups in the Cloud: A good idea?

We are fast approaching towards a ‘digitized economy’, especially with the recent heavy push from the Indian government. Every single inflection point brings with it a ‘creative destruction’ that shakes the incumbents and offer new opening for the startups, and the current one is no different.
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